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Now it has become incredibly easy to buy poison, let’s talk about the only place where you can buy it:

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It is more popular now to use quieter and more covert methods for murder. Various slow poisons come to the rescue. There is no such thing as new in this world anymore, and poisons, too, were used in civilized countries: ancient Egypt, in Europe in the Middle Ages. In those years of medicine, there was no forensics, no one knew why the person passed, so you could easily order any type of death from old-time chemists: slow and torturous, quick and painless, in sleep, heart attack, etc.

Now because of the modern methods of establishing the cause of death, it’s become incredibly difficult to poison a person, especially if they die suddenly, people will instantly suspect poisoning. The rat poison from the store will not do, the forensic examination will immediately find its remnants in blood or damage to the organs at the autopsy.

Therefore, using chemical poisons such as cyanide, methyl mercury, arsenic is unsafe from a legal point of view. They remain in the body after death and external signs are very obvious to forensic examination specialists.

I create carefully selected organic long-term effect poisons, and I synthesize a disguise as a serum to some of them. Why invent something if the nature already did for you?

I create carefully selected organic long-term effect poisons, and I synthesize a disguise as a serum to some of them. Why invent something if the nature already did for you?

It is very easy to poison people, you can often hear in the local news about the death of a grandmother from poisoning because of poor-quality meat from the market, and the granny lived alone in a 2-bedroom apartment …

What evidence can I provide that I am not a student who created the website scamming people just to make ends meet? First of all, you’ll immediately understand it when you speak with me, but I will also attach some photos of my lab:

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Let’s look at the poisons in the order of increasing stealth:

  1. Cyanide, a chemical poison, death occurs when eating 1g in 1-2 minutes, when used 150mg in 5-6 hours, the ideal option for suicide, since it will 100% be found on the forensic examination, using it for murder is not recommended at all, moreover, alcohol and sugar are effective antidotes that decompose it in the stomach. Its big advantage is the low price: $1,500 for 1g.
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  2. Ricin, an organic poison consists of two proteins, one protein is responsible for penetrating into the cell, the second turns off the ribosome in the cell; death from the general failure of the organs. There is a version with a cover-up thanks to which the poison is harder to find at the autopsy, but I would advise you to use other poisons. Price for pure substance is $2,000, Version with masking serum $3,000.
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  3. Digitotoxin – glycosides of digitalis are a medicine for heart diseases, but as they say, the only difference between the medicine and poison is in the amount. When there’s an overdose, in a few hours, a sudden heartfelt death may occur; if a person uses it as a medicine, you can easily disguise the poisoning as an overdosage. The price for 1g (5-6 doses) is $5,000 to cover-up is poison is impossible.
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  4. Amanitotoxin – Death Cap Extract, there are cases when people picked it up in the forest, threw it out somewhere and then did not wash their hands, ate some pies and died. Miniscule amount of poison on the hands is enough to cause death, it is used when people can’t possibly mix poison into someone’s food. Death comes from liver or renal failure, since the synthesis of proteins is disrupted, which is needed to restore the cells. Price for 150mg of pure poison (15 doses) is $7,000, with a masking serum is $10,000.
    buy Amanitotoxin
  5. Heliotrope extract contains heliotrin and lysiocarpine, which, accumulating in liver cells, cause their death and replacement with fatty tissue – liver cirrhosis. The process takes 3-5 weeks, without clear symptoms and signs of poisoning! Just slow dying, later there are signs of cirrhosis, when it becomes too late for doctors to carry a “patient” for any meaningless tests and treatments, but only a liver transplantation will help if only it is done in time. This is an elite and expensive poison (for 1 dose you need 5kg of seeds) to eliminate important persons, therefore it is worth it, the price for 5g (3 doses, will be packaged) $12,000, for a version with a masking serum $25,000.
    buy poison that won't be found at an autopsy
  6. We also have scopolamine, in films it is called serum truth, apply very carefully and at your own discretion! Dose 0.5-2mg, price for 10mg is $1,500.
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I accept orders only through: [email protected].

Worldwide delivery in a disguised parcel!

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