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Probably everyone knows about a remedy called castor oil, it is widely used in medicine, as well as in cosmetology. Castor oil has also been used for quick wound treatment in folk medicine since ancient times. Oil is produced from a plant of castor bean. This plant grows in almost all countries, including Russia. However, despite all the benefits of this plant, few people know that the seeds also contain a plant-based poison called ricin. Since cases of poisoning with castor beans are a fairly common occurrence, the effects of this poison have been thoroughly studied by scientists.

Nowadays, scientists and doctors are conducting a number of different studies where ricin is used for the most noble purposes. For instance, in the treatment of cancer, ricin kills only cancer cells. But as it turned out, that’s not all. The area of application of the poison of plant origin is expanding every year. Now scientists are trying to use the ability of ricin to interact with cell membranes to better understand how the central nervous system works.

Ricin’s features and effect

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A very small dose would be enough for poisoning with this plant ingredient. For example, for an adult, only 0.003 mg of a substance per kilogram of body weight will be enough. In a more understandable language, for adults, 20 seeds that have been ingested will be enough, and for children – only 6 of them.

What is ricin after all? It is odorless white crystals, the molecules of which are absolutely stable under room conditions, but undergo destruction at temperatures above + 80 ° C.

Summing up, I would like to note that ricin poisoning in domestic conditions is almost impossible, but it still happens, because quite often a plant like castor bean is used as a decorative plant.

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