Buy potassium cyanide

buy potassium cyanide

Among all the variety of toxic substances, it is cyanides that most often become the subject of crime in detective stories. The use of these substances not only has a detrimental effect on the human body, but can cause death, therefore, you need to be as careful as possible with this poison. Sometimes Internet users wonder where they can buy cyanide and what its effect is. Even the smallest concentration of cyanide is dangerous to human life. The clinical picture develops very quickly, which also largely depends on how the poison enters the body. So, if you inhale cyanide vapors, the symptoms of poisoning will be visible within a few seconds. The thing is that cyanide acts at the biochemical level, suppressing and disrupting cellular respiration, therefore, the pathological condition develops rapidly. Let’s view the picture of the instantaneous development of cyanide poisoning:

  • The victim loses consciousness
  • There are breathing impairments, paralysis of the respiratory system, the block of the heart work
  • Convulsions, coma
  • Decline of vitality, death

If the dosage of the poison is small, the patient will complain of dizziness, headache with pulsation in the temples and a feeling of heftiness, there will be shortness of breath and the convulsions will be increasing. As a rule, the symptoms of poisoning develop quickly, so it is difficult to distinguish the period between the stages. It is possible to assume that a person was poisoned with cyanide compounds by the characteristic smell of almonds in the air that they exhale. If there’s a necessity to purchase cyanide, you should consider all the risks of contact and use of this substance, and also follow safety rules when handling it.

Cyanide Use Scope

Buy potassium cyanide

Small concentrations of this poison or its derivatives are used for photo development, as well as in different industries. Moreover, for a very long time, cyanide was used in agriculture to control rodents. Today, some people can still use it to clean silver, although there are many other alternative methods.

Causes of cyanide poisoning

Let us move away from horror stories about murder attempts to household or accidental poisoning causes. For example, as a result of inhalation of hydrocyanic acid or the consumption of certain parts of plants, which, when ingested, release cyanide. What can we say, even inside the seeds of apricots, peaches, in the leaves and sprouts of elderberry, there are similar substances.

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