The question of how to poison a person concerns not only potential attackers, but also ordinary net users. Today, the pharmaceutical market offers consumers a variety of medicines, some of which are available to purchase without a prescription.

And there are also toxic substances that allow you to eliminate your opponent quickly or, on the contrary, cause a chronic disease. Ancient knowledge and modern technologies are becoming dangerous weapons in the hands of professional people.

Almost all of us know about potassium cyanide; at the beginning of the 20th century, dangerous powder was a common way to get rid of unwanted individuals.

This poison belongs to the group of hydrocyanic acid derivatives and is highly soluble in water. Some sources indicate a specific smell of this substance, however, not all people can actually smell it. Potassium cyanide is poisonous if swallowed and it is dangerous to inhale powder particles and solution vapors. The lethal dose of poison is only a few grams, but in most cases, it depends on the weight and individual body characteristics.

With the help of potassium cyanide, you can quickly poison a person. Death depends on the way the substance enters the body, for example, when particles are inhaled, the effect of the toxin shows instantly, and when it enters the stomach, the poison begins to cause irreversible symptoms after 15 minutes.

The victim goes through several stages of intoxication. At first, they have a sore throat, then nausea and vomiting begin, there can possibly be numbness of the pharynx. Over time, general weakness increases, a feeling of fear arises, and the pulse slows down. Subsequently, there are such signs such convulsions and loss of consciousness. As a rule, if a sufficient dose of poison gets inside, the person dies within 4 hours.

Now that new drugs are available on the pharmaceutical market, people are interested in how to poison a person with pills. The list of dangerous poisons, if used incorrectly, includes the following medicines:

  • sleeping pills “Phenazepam”;
  • veratrum water;
  • “Corvalol” drops.

The medicine called “Phenazepam” is prescribed by doctors as a remedy for insomnia, panic attacks and stress. It is categorized as a psychotropic drug, and offenders use this drug in order to poison a person in their sleep.

Like many other drugs, “Phenazepam” is incompatible with alcohol – this is what criminals use, since using these pills and alcoholic drinks together leads to respiratory arrest and death. But getting the described drug is not easy, since it is sold exclusively by a doctor’s prescription.

Veratrum water is sold with no restrictions at any pharmacy and is used not only in traditional medicine, but also as a remedy against alcohol addiction. However, some cases of deliberate intoxication are not taken into account, which is why such a medicine is suitable for those who want to poison a person without it being established so.

Death occurs when 2g of the substance are ingested, veratrum water negatively affects the work of the heart and blood pressure. Thus, the supply of oxygen to the brain gradually decreases.

As a rule, alcohol makes the absorption of poison quicker and signs of intoxication with veratrum water develop within 20 minutes after taking the remedy. The person experiences vomiting, and symptoms such as severe thirst, slow heart rate, and mental disturbances. Death occurs on average after 8 hours, such a drug allows criminals to poison a person without determining the exact cause of the death.

The “Corvalol” drops can be purchased at any pharmacy, which makes them an affordable and effective medicine for poisoning. The lethal dose of the drug depends on the weight and age of the person, on average it is 150 drops.

Intoxication is characterized by long periods of sleep, decreased blood pressure and dilated pupils. Taking this drug along with alcohol is especially dangerous, in which case you can get tachycardia, and your skin turns blue. Poisoning a person slowly with the help of Corvalol drops, most likely, will not work, a lethal outcome occurs within a day, which some marginal use to their advantage.

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