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Curare is a nerve poison used by the natives of Guiana to hunt animals. The Indians extracted this poison from a plant named Strychnos. At first glance, this is an unremarkable vine that grows near the Amazon River. The bush blooms twice a year in spring and late autumn, after which small fruits appear on

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Probably everyone knows about a remedy called castor oil, it is widely used in medicine, as well as in cosmetology. Castor oil has also been used for quick wound treatment in folk medicine since ancient times. Oil is produced from a plant of castor bean. This plant grows in almost all countries, including Russia. However,

How to poison a person

Many doctors know how to poison a person at home and how to avoid suspicious signs, however, this is still a criminal offense. Nevertheless, today some people resort to this method in order to eliminate their opponent, this often takes place in criminal communities. Even products of natural origin are dangerous if you know how


The question of how to poison a person concerns not only potential attackers, but also ordinary net users. Today, the pharmaceutical market offers consumers a variety of medicines, some of which are available to purchase without a prescription. And there are also toxic substances that allow you to eliminate your opponent quickly or, on the

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Among all the variety of toxic substances, it is cyanides that most often become the subject of crime in detective stories. The use of these substances not only has a detrimental effect on the human body, but can cause death, therefore, you need to be as careful as possible with this poison. Sometimes Internet users

How can a person poison themselves without noticing?

For a long time, people were interested in how to secretly poison a person to get rid of their enemy. There are many chemicals that are used as strong poisons, however, it is difficult to obtain the right amount of them. As a rule, toxic drugs are used by people wishing to take their own

Where can you buy poison online

Many intruders and insane people are interested in knowing where to buy a deadly poison. They are willing to pay money and order substances through various websites and questionable sellers. However, not all toxins are unavailable and prohibited for use, most of them can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy or via the Internet. This

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If you need to buy scopolamine, this is the right place. Burundanga is a narcotic substance popularly called Devil’s Breath, and in the movies, they call it truth serum. Scopolamine is found in the seeds of a wide variety of plants of the nightshade family, in most countries it is henbane or datura flowers, from

At which pharmacy can you buy poison?

Reading about the properties of various toxic substances, a person can’t help but think of buying this remedy. Most poisons are available to intruders, you can buy dangerous drugs or chemicals on the Internet, and you can find deadly pills at the pharmacy. This article will tell you what kind of poison you can buy