Curare buy online

Curare buy online

Curare is a nerve poison used by the natives of Guiana to hunt animals. The Indians extracted this poison from a plant named Strychnos. At first glance, this is an unremarkable vine that grows near the Amazon River. The bush blooms twice a year in spring and late autumn, after which small fruits appear on its branches, the size of which is from 1 to 10 cm. We would also like to note that the poisonous substance is made from all parts of the bush: root, bark, branches, flowers, fruits. Due to the fact that the locals smeared their arrowheads with this poison, curare has another name – arrow poison.

After the curare poison is in the bloodstream, first off, nerve impulses get blocked, then there comes muscle paralysis. At the next stage, the work of the respiratory organs is disrupted, the skin becomes bluish, the liver becomes inflamed and the person dies. It is important to know that if the meat of killed animals enters the human stomach, there will be no poisonous effect. In addition, according to the natives, the meat becomes much softer and tastier.

Curare’s features and benefits

Curare buy online

The active ingredient in curare is the active alkaloid D-tubocurarine. Nowadays, this substance, if doses are appropriate, is used for medical purposes, for example, during the treatment of urolithiasis, fever, and D-tubocurarine is also used in the treatment of dropsy and many other diseases, including Parkinson’s syndrome.

Only fresh leaves and bark of the plant have been used for the preparation of the poison since ancient times; the dried components of the shrub lose their properties. The preparation process was quite simple, they threw raw materials into boiling water and boiled it for a certain period of time. For greater effect, the locals could supplement the broth with a special poison from snakes or frogs. Then the poison was let age for exactly one day and stored in a dull place so that direct sunlight would not reach it. Of course, in our time, everything has changed dramatically. Today, pharmacological companies use new technologies and modern equipment for the production of curare.

Since the poison of curare has an extremely strong effect, even with a minimal overdose, it can be fatal. Therefore, before you buy curare and start treatment, consult your doctor.

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