At which pharmacy can you buy poison?

Reading about the properties of various toxic substances, a person can’t help but think of buying this remedy. Most poisons are available to intruders, you can buy dangerous drugs or chemicals on the Internet, and you can find deadly pills at the pharmacy.

At which pharmacy can you buy poison?

This article will tell you what kind of poison you can buy and where it is more affordable.

Before ordering illegally expensive poisons, attackers go to the nearest pharmacy. For example, “Diphenhydramine”, which can be sold without a prescription, is used as a sedative and hypnotic, this medication has a depressing effect on the nervous system in case of an overdose.

If the victim took more than 5g of “Diphenhydramine”, they risk falling into a coma. It’s especially dangerous to mix this medicine with alcoholic beverages.

What kind of poison can you buy at the pharmacy? Not many people know about the properties of veratrum water, however, this remedy is extremely toxic and relatively inexpensive. And if used incorrectly, the repercussions can be serious and even fatal, which is what offenders take advantage of.

Veratrum water affects the work of the heart, and when mixed with alcohol, it leads to a drop in blood pressure and a lack of oxygen supply in the brain.

At which pharmacy can you buy poison?

If the attacker knows which poison to buy, the pharmacy won’t hesitate to sell it. After all, toxic substances, when used correctly, have a beneficial effect on the body, for example, regular aspirin helps to lower fever, dilute blood and improve well-being.

But overdosing from acetylsalicylic acid causes a decrease in the rhythm of breathing and pulmonary edema, as well as a cough, pallor of the skin. Later on, you develop convulsions and can die.

What kind of poison can you really buy without a visit to the pharmacy? A popular toxin is hydrocyanic acid, which is found in the seeds of some fruits, and is also added to rodent exterminating tools.

Poisoning occurs both when the substance is ingested and when poisonous vapors are inhaled. So, death occurs quickly with an increased concentration of hydrocyanic acid in the air.

Methyl alcohol is actively used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, it is added to gasoline, liquid fuel, or can be used as a solvent. The severity of this poison lies in the fact that it resembles ethyl alcohol, although when it is ingested, it causes profound poisoning.

Apart from that, methanol can cause the filling of internal organs with blood and swelling of the optic nerve and retina, all of which provoke blindness. The poison progresses through the body quickly in combination with usual alcohol and is often fatal.

Poisoning by simple and affordable means is not uncommon in the modern world, therefore, when using dubious alcoholic beverages and medications, one should be careful or refuse to use them altogether.

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