Where can you buy poison online

Many intruders and insane people are interested in knowing where to buy a deadly poison. They are willing to pay money and order substances through various websites and questionable sellers.

However, not all toxins are unavailable and prohibited for use, most of them can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy or via the Internet. This article will tell you where to buy poison.

People who are familiar with cosmetic procedures know where to buy poison in Moscow. Botulinum toxin is a well-known component of so-called beauty injections and can be bought from illegal online dealers. It is easy to get this poison, anyone can do it, since illegal trading with the active agent of botulism is thriving. Botulism is a serious disease from which many people have died and it is difficult to deal with the consequences of intoxication.

But there are more available toxins, and everyone can get them.

Plant lovers know where to buy a strong poison in Moscow. The thing is that castor bean seeds contain toxic compounds, including ricin, a substance of natural origin.

Death comes when the person a sufficient amount of ricin; the lethal dose for an adult is 20 seeds on average. So, the kidneys, liver and spleen are affected, there is internal bleeding, and you can buy dangerous castor beans in gardening store.

Where can you legally buy human poison? Of course, you won’t find legal websites of poison providers, however, you can purchase the components in the following places:

  • online store of poisons for scientific purposes;
  • pharmacy;
  • household chemicals aisle.

There are not so many suitable resources for the purchase of toxic substances, but they offer to buy poison, taking into account the rules of confidentiality. So, you can get methanol, strychnine and other substances.

Where can you buy a strong poison, if not at a pharmacy? For example, barbiturates negatively affect the nerve cells functions, suppress the nervous system, and cause unhealthy sleepiness. Overdose leads to changes in sleep patterns, respiratory depression and an increased risk of death.

Where can you buy poison online

The popular drug “Corvalol” is also dangerous, you mustn’t be taking a large amount of this drug. An excess of medication may cause acute cardiovascular failure, tachycardia and a drop in blood pressure.

In everyday life, a person often comes into contact with such solvents as acetone, gasoline, ethers and other components. They affect your nasal mucosa and skin, and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and poison the body. Volatile compounds are also dangerous because they easily ignite and release toxic gases, becoming explosive.

You shouldn’t forget that there are dangerous poisons in the proximity of human life and you can buy them from sellers. For example, Mezereum plants and the toxin created on their basis cause general soreness and loss of consciousness with the development of seizures. And a dangerous Paris plant, this bush is used to extract a neurotropic poison from the leaves that affects the nervous system and heart.

Where can you buy poison in Moscow? Some intruders are trying to get poison against rodents in order to eliminate their opponent. But modern means for fighting rats are not suitable as a toxin for humans, they can only cause a temporary violation of blood clotting, only a large dose of the substance causes a fatal outcome.

As a rule, it’s easy to kill your enemy with the help of improvised means and it’s not rational to resort to the search for expensive and unique poisons, except in rare cases.

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