How can a person poison themselves without noticing?

How can a person poison themselves without noticing

For a long time, people were interested in how to secretly poison a person to get rid of their enemy. There are many chemicals that are used as strong poisons, however, it is difficult to obtain the right amount of them.

As a rule, toxic drugs are used by people wishing to take their own lives or by attackers looking for an easy way to eliminate their enemy. This article will tell you how to poison a person to death.

One of the common poisons is arsenic – an element of the periodic table found in the environment and chemicals. Today this component is successfully used in dentistry, and it is also added to pesticides and herbicides.

When arsenic is in the body, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and affects the internal organs, and the lethal dose of the substance is only 0.2 g.

It’s known that the described element remains in the body for a long time, remaining in the bones and teeth. When the vapors are inhaled or swallowed, the poison particles instantly cause symptoms such as general lethargy, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and dehydration.

In the case of chronic poisoning with such a poison, there comes encephalopathy – damage to the cerebral cortex, and there can also be changes in the heart muscle. When there is a significant amount of arsenic accumulated in the internal organs, the risk of death is high, however, the element can be detected during the examination.

A powerful poison, known since the dawn of time, is lead. It was used both in the ancient times and today as well by criminals who know how to poison a person so that the doctor would not find out about the crime.

As a rule, the lethal dose of the element ranges from 1 to 3 mg, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. Mild intoxication is characterized by weakness, seizures and the appearance of a gray streak along the edge of the gums. Gradual poisoning causes abdominal pain, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease and diseases of other organs. Lead is very harmful to health and is a frequent cause of suspicious deaths.

Many are interested in how to poison a person without any evidence at home. Most often, criminals use the following components:

  • methanol;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • potent hypnotic.
How can a person poison

Methanol is often used as a solvent, fuel oil, and gasoline additive. This component resembles ethyl alcohol, so people drink it instead of the usual alcoholic beverages.

How can you quickly poison a person? Signs of methyl alcohol intoxication at first resemble the symptoms of a standard ailment – migraine, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain. Subsequently, visual acuity decreases, blood pressure decreases, and the pulse also weakens. The risk of death is high, so consuming questionable alcoholic beverages can result in unexpected death.

High incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning is still relevant today. Neglecting safety rules when using a stove and a running car engine in an isolated space creates a threat of intoxication of your body.

The severity of the damage to the respiratory system depends on the concentration of the heavy component in the air, as well as the time spent in an isolated space. Often people have a coma that causes respiratory arrest.

Today, criminals who know how to poison a person so that the doctor cannot establish the exact cause of death use carbon monoxide. Signs of intoxication are shallow breathing, weak pulse, impaired consciousness. It’s known that brain cells are sensitive to the lack of oxygen and they are first to get damaged, so tinnitus, nausea and increasing weakness signal an increased concentration of carbon monoxide.

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